Lab Assignment

Use the Pseudocode and Raptor files provided to Design a complete and properly
functioning Raptor Flowchart
In this assignment, you will design and submit a RAPTOR flowchart that will use a Binary
Search to locate a birth year entered by the user and displays an error if the year cannot be
1) If located, display the birthyear, firstName and lastName. Otherwise, display an error
stating you could not locate the user entered birth year (including the entered value).
2) Also display the total count of times that the binary search executed.
The data to be used for this lab is as follows:
Element Number
Array Name 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
lastNames Harris Jefferson Adams Watkins Smith Banks Garcia
firstNames Jamie Daniel Kim Stacey Pauline Paul Thomas
birthYear 1942 1966 1995 1938 1999 1992 1994
1) Binary Searches must be done against data that is in ascending order! So if the data is not
in ascending order, you must put that data in ascending order BEFORE attempting to do a
Binary Search. (See the included information for a Selection Sort)
2) Parallel Arrays must be kept in the same order! So as you sort the data into ascending
order, you must also reposition the parallel array data, to keep all data “PARALLEL”. To
accomplish this, you will need to CALL the SWAP routines for each Array.
Additionally, keep in mind that you have three (3) Arrays, with two (2) being STRING,
and one (1) being INTEGER datatype – so you will need a STRING SWAP and an

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