lab report 8 energetics photosynthesis respiration and fermentation 1


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Lab Report 8: Energetics: Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Fermentation

Some leaves are variegated. That is, they display colors other than green (e.g. the Coleus plant).

Still other plants have leaves that contain areas of white. Use the information from the lab to

identify the probable source of ATP for plant cells located in the white regions of the leaf.

There is a mutation in corn that produces albino (white) plants. What is the potential for long-

term survival of these white corn plants? Explain.

Use the summary equations for photosynthesis, respiration, and the interaction of water and

carbon dioxide to explain the color changes observed with Elodea grown in Phenol Red.

Are yeast cells autotrophs or heterotrophs? Explain why you think so.

Explain the following statement.

All food energy ultimately comes from the sun.

Combustion of organic molecules (e.g. wood, fossil fuels, etc.) produces carbon dioxide, carbon

monoxide and other substances. Carbon dioxide and other gases are so-called greenhouse gases that can contribute to global warming and climate change. Based on the experiments and

demonstrations we have done today, what is an other effect might increased environmental

carbon dioxide might have on aquatic environments? (Hint: Phenol Red color change)

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