Last Chance for Eden

Last Chance for Eden This documentary Last Chance for Eden is a about nine men and women discussing the issues of racism and sexism in the workplace and even giving their own experience and own opinions. Throughout this entire documentary each person expresses how they feel or their experience but some admit that cannot do that in public. I notice that even though we are in the 21st century people like to believe there is equality.
But when asked to someone of color they openly comment there is not such thing. Ignorance is probably in those who say “There is no racism in the United States. ” Shockingly, it obviously still exist but not many will admit to it. People are open to talk about race, however some tend to feel a little uncomfortable and refuse to go deeper into discussion for fear of saying the wrong thing. Someone in the documentary had stated “People will talk about race; but not racism. ” Which is pretty much true.
I feel as if someone were to bring up the topic ‘race’ it is easily discussed but then when asked about racism ‘racism’ that is when the room becomes quiet and feel as if they cannot really fully express their own opinion about racism for fear of being in a conflict of a sort. However those who participated in this discussion in the documentary they obviously did not hold back and fully explained what it is really like to be a person of color. The others who are ‘white Americans’ feel as if they cannot really see the racism or think the other participants who are from a different background are treated just as they are; normal Americans.

However they fail to see the reality of it; one man stated “People want to hear what it’s like to be black and male, and I tell them. Then they go ‘Well, I was poor too. I got stopped by the Cops. ‘ What purpose does it serve to bring that up? It makes me feel like I’m being told to just shut the fuck up and get on with your life. That’s the way it feels. ” They like to think everybody experiences the same thing, when really it could be the same situation but a completely different turn out.
A woman argues saying, they cannot be called “American” for the image of an “American” has been created long before there was equality. They say they would not be seen as just “Americans” but more of whatever their ethnicity is. A Woman even states she would call herself a U. S. citizen, but not an American, she feel that the “American image” has already been identified. As I said before, some people are probably blind to notice that there are exceptions to those who have the exact image, than to those who don’t.

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