Leadership in Healthcare

(APA style paper) Part 1 Project Justification (Introduction): This paper needs to include a research topic, problem statement, purpose statement, the importance of the study, the central question for conducting the research, research questions, nature of the study and definition of the key terms. Part 1 will be between five to six pages in length.  Use the following paragraph as a preface to this paper.  Please make sure all sections are completed as stated in the first sentence.  The paper should be focused on leadership development in healthcare, specifically nursing leadership.  This paper requires 6-8 APA style references
In healthcare like any other business segment, leadership is vital.  Historically, healthcare organizations have been challenging to direct and lead.  This is mainly due to the complexities involved in taking care of human beings.  According to Andersson (2015), in healthcare, a common concern for organizations is leadership or the lack thereof.  Nurses play a vital role in healthcare.  They work alongside physicians to provide the best care possible.  The nursing profession needs to develop leaders from the bedside to the executive board (Lee, Daugherty & Hamelin, 2019).  One of the concerns for this segment of healthcare is that it was facing a shortage of professionals.  Experienced nursing leaders were retiring, and this has created a chaotic situation according to Lee, Daugherty & Hamelin (2019).  Nursing leaders would need to be developed as the field of nursing would be dominated by younger professionals.  A solution to this concern is for these younger nursing leaders to have formal leadership training.

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