Long Term Care Economics Issues Essay

Long Term Care Economics Issues


The demand for long-term care is projected to increase greatly over the next half century. Unfortunately, the availability of healthcare experts and informal caregivers continues to decrease (Deschodt, Zuniga, & Wellens, 2017). Hospitals are experiencing challenges relative to the development and execution of effective programs dealing with long-term care service provision. Long-term care is unique in comparison to services offered in hospitals since they are inherently patient centered, safe and efficient (Getzen, 2007). Similarly, it allows for the sustainable delivery of quality care within environments that benefit the elderly as well as healthcare staff. These facilities are able to focus on ensuring facilities adapt to match the needs desired by elderly persons (Deschodt, Zuniga, & Wellens, 2017). They are also suitably positioned to combine elements of social and healthcare as well as implementing long-term care models derived from evidence based practice (Getzen, 2007). These facilities are able to pay closer attention to patient’s personal preferences and capacities allowing for better involvement towards forming interpersonal relationships in response to social needs.


Legislation establishing certificate-of-need (CON) were designed to ensure that states checked against the arbitrary number of healthcare and long-term care agencies in order to improve on quality of serv

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