Making People to Vote

I believe there are many ways to get people to vote, but I believe the main way is through education. When people are educated on a subject, they know about it and what to do with it. A lot of people are uneducated on voting, so they don’t know things, like how to register and where to vote. If we educate the public on voting and the benefits of it, more people would vote. This essay will discuss some of the possible ways of educating the public on voting.
One way would be to make an educational commercial aimed towards the younger people in our society. Kind of like what Rock The Vote did, but more informational. My commercial would inform people how to register, how to find out where the voting booth is, along with all the set backs of not voting. I would talk about how you’re giving up your freedom by not voting, because you’re letting someone else decide who should be in charge.
I would also make it very clear that everyone’s vote matters! That’s another big problem, each individual feels that they can’t make a difference, because “they’re only one vote”. I would also talk about the importance of knowing the people running in the elections and what they stand for, because if you’re uneducated, you really won’t make a difference. This is basically what I would talk about and it would definitely be aimed towards younger people.

Another way to get people to vote would be to have a required educational program in high schools, that teaches kids every thing they need to know in order to vote. This would work very well, because it would teach younger people how and why to vote. You could also discuss candidates, how to find out about them, and what they stand for.
Another way would be to educate people through fliers and brochures. This would be a lot harder and wouldn’t reach as many people, but it would still educate some. A better way would be through a national magazine that talked about the importance of voting and the candidates that are currently running. This would work very well, because you would be educating people and getting them excited to vote.
Overall, there are many ways to get people to vote, but I personally believe that voting comes through education. I believe the best way to increase the voting, is to increase the education of it among younger people.

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