Marketing Research and Segmentation Essay

Marketing Research and Segmentation


Segmentation is one of the market research methods among many. In market segmentation, consumers are split and clustered into groups according to variables they commonly adhere to so as to homogenize consumer preferences with an aim of gaining more insights as to these preferences (Gaynor, Ho & Town, 2014). Psychographic segmentation is conducted to understand inherent interests, values and lifestyle preferences among consumers in a given market so as to gather insights as to learn more about their needs and motivations whether articulated or not (Deloitte, 2012). This paper seeks to carry out a research in the health care industry by considering two lifestyle analysis and market research databases.

A 2012, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions report provides that the US market has six distinct market segments relative to the health care industry. These include the content and compliant segment, the casual and cautions and the online and on board segments which have a common characteristic in that they don’t feel the need to query professional opinion (Deloitte, 2012). The three other segments tend to accommodate activism oriented consumers and consider the health care industry as a profit oriented enterprise which should be accountable for impropriety as and when such omissions or commissions are noticed (Gaynor, Ho & Town, 2014). The out and about segment is the experimental type and may opt for other sources of alternative medicine other than western medicine paradigms. Online and onboard segment applies information technology such as the internet to qualify healthcare providers (Deloitte, 2012). The shop and save segment is more concerned with the quality of service and as such in normal circumstances are not obliged to pay for services they can otherwise get for free.

Segmentation is quite valuable to the health care industry as it offers vital information in a health care environment tending more towards pa

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