Mechanics of Climate Change

Paper MUST answer/ summarize the following:
How does earth keep a fairly steady temperature?
this is a huge question: make sure to talk about carbon sinks, albedo effect, etc.
talk about the atmospheres mechanisms for keeping earths temperature fairly steady.
Identify Greenhouse gases, how they are created, etc.
Talk about the fact that what is happening now is that we are changing the equilibrium, not so much that the gases in themselves are bad: very important!
Talk about WHAT is changing the balance
Who is responsible? How do we know?
How quick is it changing?
Now to the big questions: what do we do with this?
focus on linking with what you just said before here to indicate what are the best approaches to bring the balance back to the climate
how do we do that?
what are the main methods?
Be especially careful to not simply mention that Electric Cars would fix the whole problem, or that simply shutting down lights a bit would make even a dent on this.
Real methods include: driving slower, dropping significantly our consumption of red meat, researching climate engineering, use energy sparingly (not keeping your house at 17 in the dead of summer, or at 30 in the dead of winter for example, etc.). Self-driving cars WOULD save GHG because we could optimize road usage, etc. Using airplanes is for example especially detrimental to the environment.
And so many other ways
Make sure to link to our Canadian lives: how can we then make any positive impact on this?
PAPER MUST HAVE A STRUCTURE. Introduction, Body Paragraphs for each main idea etc.

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