MelroseMAC: Empowering the Creators of Los Angeles

MelroseMAC: Empowering the Creators of Los Angeles

When I peruse through historical and current chronicles, I tend to come across powerful testimonies detailing the individual efforts of women in the US towards greater gender parity in all aspects of the US economy. One such woman is Sandy Nasseri who has played an important role in appraising the significance of gender parity in the Los Angeles technology sector. Sandy Nasseri is internationally and nationally respected as a woman who overcame myriads of challenges common in a male dominated industry. She heads MelroseMAC which is a well respected company in Los Angeles. Her company offers fine value and customer service to its clients in the media, entertainment and creative industries.

I believe that charismatic women like Sandy contribute significantly to the empowerment of women in the US labor and entrepreneurial sectors. This is not only by contributing to the development of the US economy but also to the development of a healthy US society. MelroseMAC was established by Mr. and Mrs. Sean Nasseri in 2003 with its main offices being located in Southern California. Sean Nasseri is Sandy Nasseri’s husband and plays the role of vice president at the company.

The company specializes in

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