Mice and Men

Mice and men How does Steinbeck create tension In chapter 3? Steinbeck creates tension In chapter 3 In numerous ways; he describes the layout and lighting of the rooms which gives the reader Insight Into the setting. He describes the conversations in the bunk house, the noise levels and the noises heard from outside again setting the scene. When Steinbeck sets the scenes he uses imagery as a meaning of description. He uses irony in his language, saying one thing or meaning another.
He also goes into detail about the dialogue of the characters and the way they speak to one another. All of which creates tension in the chapter. In the opening sentence of chapter 3 it says ‘Although there was evening brightness showing through the windows of the bunk house, Inside It was dusk’ so this leads me to believe that the bunk house which Is where this chapter Is based, is a dark and damp place giving the reader a cold atmosphere, which Is normal when an author wants to create tension using Imagery.
Steinbeck creates tension in the same way later in the chapter, on page 46 ‘it was almost dark outside now’ this shows that it is getting darker outside, so it must be tie late at night, when It’s a dark atmosphere it creates tension as you know if you do go out side you won’t be able to see this puts the person in an alert state and your body and mind on stand by to react to something being out there. A darker atmosphere makes the scene tenser because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

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This is a dialogue from slim; ‘God almighty that dog stinks. Get him auto here, Candy! I don’t know nothing that stinks so bad as an old dog. ‘ You Imagine the smell of wet fur and how unpleasant that would be In a small space and how It could make you eel annoyed and highlight the tension which Is already In the room. You goat get him out. ‘ Slim keeps on putting pressure to Candy about the dog, Slim keeps on complaining about Candy’s dog because he doesn’t like it. Wynn;t you shoot him, Candy?
Carlson is just saying shoot the dog and get rid of him before I shoot him for you. He is annoyed that he has to put up with the smell and states he is saying you have no choice but to get rid of that dog. Carlson is a powerful large man who is insensitive so he always speaks his mind even if he hurts people’s feelings and this is evident in this sentence. He pressures Candy to have the dog shot this would create extra tension which is evident when they are parts of silence In the chapter. The young man turned to the back of the magazine. ‘ This shows that they are switching the view point to something else, It Is a distraction so that Candy forgets about the shooting of the dog. When I read this It makes me feel tense because I want to know what is going to happen so we read it Taste. You Know Tanat tender Is tension In ten room Walt awkward moments AT tension. Peg 75 the tension begins to mount. Words like ‘nervously create this tension as we liaise that Candy’s dog is going to be killed.
This scene is in stark contrast to the previous, the hope of the ranch hands has changed as they turn on Candy’s dog and we feel the sadness this is going to create. Candy ‘hopelessly hands the dog over and in, ‘hopelessly he means that Candy knows there is no point fighting against the decision he has Just got to back down, his character has been dominated by stronger characters and pressured into handing over the dog by the move dominant characters. It goes on to say ‘Anti nothing left for him. Can’t eat, can’t see, can’t even walk without hurting.
Carlson is naming things that Candy’s dog has got wrong with him, making up excuses why he wants to kill and get rid of the dog, trying to win round the other characters that he is actually doing the dog a favor. When Carlson and Slim are having a conversation Just before Carlson goes outside and shoots the dog Slim says ‘Take a shovel’ this makes us feel tense because it doesn’t say why Carlson will need a shovel, and what he wants it for. So creating mystery is it need to bury the dog or to kill the dog? Page 51 – ‘His voice trailed off. It was silent outside. Carillon’s footsteps died away.
The silence came into the room. And the silence lasted. ‘ In this quote silence or silent is repeated 3 times, this is to make sure we understand that it is silent outside so we can’t hear anything at all, ‘Carillon’s footsteps died away means that Carlson has gone far away to shoot Candy’s dog. The silence also shows how high the tension must be in the bunk house now, the other characters no knowing who to stand by where do their loyalties lie or who is it best to show your sympathy to Carson for as he says Putting the dog out of misery or Candy as he has Just lost his loyal friend for no season other than it smells.
Slim said ‘Candy, you can have any one of them pups you want’ Slim is saying forget about your old dog you can have a new one instead to replace, he is trying to break and change the atmosphere in the room because he is scared that Candy will get upset, and react with what people say, and Carlson is not someone who you should stand up to.
The silence kept on happening until the end of the chapter this shows that it is silent again, nobody is talking and the atmosphere is tense, no-one wanting to speak in case they say the wrong thing. Candy lay still, staring at the ceiling Candy is staying still and not moving because he is upset, nervous and scared about what has Just happened.
After the atmosphere of the shooting and the silence the room then turns to conversations between George and Whit they are discussing Curlers new wife and Delve aggregate to near Ana women Like near won Atlanta themselves so ten tension goes from being scared of what might happen to the dog, then to tension being created in the discussions of women which is quite stereotypical image of women, she will cause fights and tensions with the men in the ranch the tension has gone room annoyance of an old helpless dog to the tension of how a woman can cause tension between men and who think they own her, and whether she deserves what she gets for acting the way she does around them.
George sighed “you give me a good where house every time” he said ‘a guy can go in and get drunk and get everything auto his system all at once’ this is a old fashioned stereotypical comment that women should be used in this way to get things out of there system. A strong character in the group voicing his opinion which may not be the same as others creates nervous tension in the room. A gang or team is formed by the remaining people in the bunk house making a dream plan of their own place, they make a pact not to tell the others so tension is caused as the group are scared to tell in case secrets are told. Curler steps over to Leonie asking What the hell you laughing at? Curlers rage then explodes and he hits Leonie, Leonie tries to get George to help him and covers his face George yells at Leonie to get him which he does.
Leonie saying You told me to do that George’ Leonie will only do what George says and George knows this so he can get him to do anything he wants. Steinbeck creates tension in chapter 3 in a number of ways. Firstly he describes the scene and sets the mood by saying it is dark. It is the end of the day and so the men may be tired and irritable. Steinbeck uses language to show that Candy loves his old dog, but then Carlson suggests it should be shot. This is quite a tense moment and Candy is bullied into agreeing and Carlson can kill Candy’s dog. Finally the evening ends in a fight and George badly injures Curler. This atmosphere has been building all night and it does not come as a surprise.

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