Module 1 Assignment

Using the readings from Unfinished Nation as well as the Foner and Carter readings, address the following prompt in at least 750 words (I have attached Foner and Carter readings):

1.    List, explain, and analyze the divisions in American life over what the concepts free and American meant during the period in question. The Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery and the Norths victory appeared to mean that slavery was over and that the US was finally ready to fully embrace the Declaration of Independences claim that all men are created equal. Yet, that didnt happen. Why not?

2.    What were the divisions, North and South, as well as within each region, that kept the US from living up to that creed?

Your journal entry must:

i.    Go beyond elemental statements about one race not liking the other.
ii.    Explain the origins, motivations, and backgrounds for the developments. In other words, you must specifically address why each party discussed thought or acted in that way.
iii.    Be based upon and reference the two supplemental readings. Note that tangential mentions of the reading do not equate to reference and include.
iv.    Include information from all of the assigned readings.

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