Module 3: Technology, Science and Innovation


Module 3: Overview Chapter 4 Technology, Science and Innovation Although Massey uses Mills work to describe the relationship between our personal and social lives, he is not concerned with explaining sociological imagination – what Massey wants us to focus our attention upon is what causes this myriad of personal changes in so many lives (p. 23).  Massey want us to look at drivers that cause personal changes the lives of a large number of people (p. 23). Part II of our course focuses on the drivers of social change.  The drivers that Massey will discuss are: • Technology, Science and Innovation • Social Movements • War & Revolution • Corporations • The State • Human Agency Now we turn our attention to Technology, another driver of social change.  In the textbook Massey (chapter 4), gives an overview of Technology and then describes how technology as a driver for social change — looking at it from different theoretical perspectives the evolutionary social systems perspective (see Massey, p. 94 the second paragraph on the page) and the conflict perspective (see Massey, p.100 the third paragraph). DISCUSSION: For this discussion you will: (1) First, give a Title your discussion post so that the reader knows what concept or idea, from Massey, that you are talking about — give page numbers. Secondly, summarize (150 words) a complete thought of the author from chapter 4 (it does NOT have to be an entire section of the chapter). (However, you may have to read the entire section to understand Massey’s concept/idea in context of the section you are reading). TITLE YOUR POST: to let us know what concept or idea you are talking about. Include material from Massey when you are talking about the concept or idea along with page numbers so that we know to what you are referring when you discuss his idea or concept. (2) Write a question about a concept written in the chapter that needs clarification. Criteria for Discussion Post: • TITLE YOUR POST: to let us know what concept or idea you are talking about. • Write in complete sentences • Make sure your comments relate to the topic and to the material covered in your readings and videos.  I am not interested in your own opinion — I need to see that you are reading and watching the material and that you understand the content of the material.  So, to bolster your arguments refer back to the author and other class material and make sure you cite the authors and put page numbers from your source material.

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