Monster Jam Racing Essay

Monster Jam Racing


Monster Jam Racing is considered as one of today’s finest sports and entertainment brand. It incorporates showmanship, racing and an awesome fan experience through action packed events showcased up to 360 times a year (Feld Motor Sports). It is estimated that over four million spectators attend Monster Jam Racing events locally as well as internationally. Unlike conventional sporting events, fans are accorded the chance to meet the sport’s stars in organized eve of event parties, and post event autograph sessions. This paper seeks to discuss Monster Jam Racing history, major highlights, rules, participants, current state of the sport as well as people who are committed to the growth of this sport.

The history of Monster Jam Racing

Monster Jam Racing began as a simple sideshow during the seventies during tractor pulling shows in the US. At the time, the sport included running over old cars, a stunt that was considered as being both bold and outrageous attracting a very wide fun base (McVey). At the time monster trucks were agonizingly slow and were only famed for their enormous sized tires and suspension systems which awed fans greatly.

According to Clear Channel Entertainment Inc., Monster Jam Racing began with Bob Chandler when in 1974, he built a massive truck which was basically a Ford F-250 truck with serious suspensions and extra large tires. Chandler’s dream truck was name Bigfoot. Eight years later, the first live event featuring Bigfoot was showcased in Pontiac where this massive truck smashed over two cars at the same instant. From there on, Bigfoot became a monopoly in the new monster truck circuit up until Bear Foot owned by Fred Shafer challenged Bigfoot (Clear Channel Entertainment). Bear Foot then went on twin three monster truck world championships.

As years went on, driving skills as well as technology advanced allowing for great developments to be achieved in the construction of motor engines and suspensions systems on monster trucks which matched the ever evolving daredevil tendencies of the drivers (Young 56). Soon after, rules and regulations were formulated as were safety procedures which appealed to event’s organizers who then scheduled Monster Jam Racing events.

The event grew rapidly into a famed family entertainment tour filling the largest sports stadiums in the US year after year. As the event grew larger, so did the innovations in the fabrication of monster trucks. Steel bodies were soon replaced with lig

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