Multiple Sclerosis Essay

Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis is considered as the most prevalent chronic disease affecting the human central nervous system affecting nearly 2.5 million people worldwide. At present, multiple sclerosis (MS) has no cure, a disease which both progressive and highly unpredictable. As yet the cause of MS is still a mystery and the symptoms in one patient will never at any one time be the same in another affected patient (Zamboni, et al). Sclerosis refers to the haphazard patches that occur on damaged myelin. Myelin is the sheath protecting nerve fibers within the brain and the spinal cord. Such patches are also referred to as lesions or plaques and tend to distort or interrupt signals sent through nerves (Zamboni, et al). However, there are effective strategies aimed at improving the quality of living for patients affected by the disease.

These strategies aid in curbing disease activity as well as treating exacerbations which include, flare-ups, attacks or relapses. The strategies also ensure that MS symptoms are manageable thereby improving emotional stability, physical functionality and safe living. This essay seeks to look into the 2010 revised version of the McDonald diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis, symptoms and MS management interventions.

McDonald Criteria

The MS diagnostic criteria incorporates Para clinical as well as clinical lab assessments whose core emphasis is to highlight the dissemination of the lesions affecting the central nervous system in time and space so as to eliminate other forms of alternative diagnosis (Polman, et al). As much as clinical diagnosis is in most cases most favored among medical practitioners, magnetic resonance imaging on affected central nervous system aimed at supporting supplementing an

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