music important article

The article should be writing in  Chicago Manual of Style and Pics are the menu of the concert l went. You need to listening the music in menu from internet.

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The student must be in attendance at the concert during the semester. It is worth 100 points, and the performances should fall under the realm of classical music. This may include orchestra, concert band, choir concerts, opera, oratorio, or one of numerous other options. If there is a question as to whether a particular event is eligible, please ask the professor.
You will write the paper in a standard program like Microsoft Word and upload the paper to this assignment prompt in Blackboard. You will also upload a picture of the ticket or program you received at the concert as part of the proof of your attendance (see question 1 below). Take a picture of it with your phone and email it to yourself so you have it on your computer as a file such as jpeg. You can then upload it as a separate file (separate from your paper) to the exact same assignment prompt. You will NOT have to make two assignment submissions for this to work. DO NOT insert the picture of your program/ticket into your paper. This can not be used as an excuse for writing less and still “meeting the required length of the paper”.
The review will be 2-3 pages in length (Times New Roman or Ariel, size 12, double-spaced), but MAY be longer if you choose. It should use terms and concepts that we have discussed in class and answer the following questions:
1. What event did you attend? (Include program or brochure) (5 points)
2. Why did you choose to attend this concert? (5 points)
3. Describe the instruments and/or vocal parts that you heard. (10 points) 

4. Did any of the compositions cause you to have an emotional response? What emotions
    did you experience through the music? Explain. (10 points)
5. Describe the highlight of the performance for you. Why was it the highlight? (5 points)
6. Describe the least satisfying moment of the performance. Why?  (5 points)
7. Select one piece of music from your experience and discuss more in-depth:

Genre (5 points)
Who was the composer? Why is he/she important? (10 points)
What historical significance can you find concerning this piece? (5 points)
What happens musically in the piece? (Describe 4 of the following: texture,  

rhythm, tempo, meter, form, melody, harmony, stylistic period) (20 points)
8. How did this concert compare to other concerts that you have attended? (5 points)
9. Quality and clarity of writing. (5 points)
10. Appropriate length of paper and proper source citations. (10 points)
**Write paragraphs that flow together and address all these questions. Do NOT simply list the questions and answer them.**
This is NOT a Listening Journal. It is a formal, scholarly paper that must follow standard structural guidelines. It MUST be at least 2 full pages, but preferably 3 pages long. As shown above, a maximum of 10 points can be taken for short papers that show a lack of effort.
I strongly recommend that you use the Academic Resource Center for help if you are concerned about the quality of your writing. The link to this resource is found in your syllabus.

**Beyond this, you may contact Dr. Scimonelli if you would like feedback on a completed draft of your paper before the due date. This must be done before Friday April 30th.**
As mentioned in regards to your listening journals, academic writing of this type must adhere to standards of academic honesty and avoid plagiarism. EVERY assignment you turn in is put through a program called SafeAssign that compares your writing to tons of outside sources. If you choose to reference an outside source in your writing, you must properly cite your sources with in-text, parenthetical citations (preferred), and a bibliographic citation at the end of the paper. 

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