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Intro to security management 
In “Security Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection,” the authors discuss the use physical barriers as a physical control designed to protect assets by deterring individuals or delaying entry of those unauthorized to access the building or property. However, fences do not entirely “prevent” entry as we periodically read about with the “fence jumpers” at the White House In Washington, D.C. The authors identify fences and walls as the most common perimeter barriers and proceed to describe the various types: brick and stone walls, chain-link, welded-wire, barbed wire, razor or concertina wire, wooden, electronic, planters, steel barricades, and others.

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 As a result of the increased frequency of “fence jumpers” at the White House, the United States Secret Service (USSS) is planning to raise the current 6-foot-tall wrought iron fence surrounding the 18 acres to 11 feet. Other fence “anti-climb” features would also be a part of the plan. There has been significant public interest expressed in this matter. It seems the thoughtful consideration being given by the USSS as reported in the media regarding the selection of the new and enhanced design of the fence is a part of the agency’s risk assessment process and the employment of Practice Advisories we discussed in class last week. ASIS Practice Advisory # 6 relating to the “feasibility” of implementing the various security options to mitigate risk is particularly interesting regarding the decision about the fence and other possible security measures in and around the White House.

Identify and discuss the “practical” considerations the USSS must consider about the type and design of the fence to be surrounding the White House. Note: Security costs are not a real concern in this scenario as it might be in a corporate setting. Incorporate into your response whether or not you believe an 11-foot tall fence made from concrete, chain link, razor, or concertina wire would be a better choice from a security perspective and whether or not such fences would survive public and National Capital Planning Commission scrutiny.

Gender is at its most profound and essential component in intimate relationships. It is at this basic level of social interaction where we can examine the realities of gender roles on a microsociological level (very small groups, repeated throughout the larger society). This discussion topic is designed to evaluate how gender roles are developed, maintained or challenged in modern day relationships based on current research trends.

Based on the reading for this week, think through why modern-day marriage might look as it does. As a response to this topic, post

A brief description of what you think Americans today believe gender roles should be within a family, and why you think that (for example: from the television, film, other media, parents, school, religion, etc.).
A brief discussion of how well you think American families in reality match up with that ideal, and why any differences between the real and the ideal exist (this is a good place to bring in the reading).
Finally, making direct references to the reading for this week, discuss why it is important for us to think about ONE of the following issues raised in this week’s reading, focusing on how gender expectations, gender performance, individual identity, and the real circumstances of people’s lives impact their family lives. Whenever possible, think through both heterosexual and homosexual relationships in your response in terms of how the gender identity of the members of a family impact similar circumstances. I am expecting a couple of solid paragraphs here; if you only have a sentence or two to say about a topic, please choose a different one:
single-parent households
same-sex marriage
cohabitation (households where the intimate partners are not married, and which may or may not include children)
sexuality and intimacy (including sexual performance)
transgender family (parents or children)
the role of gender in intimate partner violence
decline in marriage rates
increase in the age at first marriage
heterosexual marriage
If you are interested in more data and discussion about how gender roles are changing in American families, browse The Pew Research Center’s list of articles analyzing contemporary families: Pew Research Center Social & Demographic Trends: Household and Family Structure. Feel free to use any information you find here in your response, or to post a particularly interesting article to the Student Lounge for all of us to discuss. Be sure to tell us what you found so interesting if you do so!

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