news conference writing assignment

Watch this news conference (Links to an external site.) from Gov. Kay Ivey, State Superintendent Eric Mackey, and State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris, concerning the closing of Alabama’s K-12 schools for the rest of the school year, as well as an update on the state’s Coronavirus outbreak.

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Determine if you will write one comprehensive story with this information, or two separate VOSOTs with different angles. Write one (or more) VOSOTs from this press conference.

Write in BROADCAST STYLE, using the broadcast writing techniques we have learned in class throughout the semester. You must also use the proper director’s commands when needed (TAKE VO with a CG showing your story title, and TAKE SOT with a CG showing your interviewee’s name and title.) There must also be a TAG with a CONTINUED VO command. Do not forget that in TV, you must write out the wording of the SOT you choose. Refer to this week’s lecture and previous modules for a reminder about that.

You story must be written by you, and you alone.

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