NR 532 week 31.2

Within 20 miles of our facility, there will be a new hospital that is opening up in the summer of 2020. Leading to lots of opportunities for the healthcare environment. One of the concerns with this includes how many staff members will leave to go to the new and upcoming hospital. Our human resource department estimates that we risk approximately ten percent of our staff to this new facility. At this time, we do not know what their benefits package will entail for the team. Benefits that include sign-on bonuses and tuition reimbursement may not be readily available to them, as this will be an entirely new business. Our facility has invested about 7 percent of the start-up, and another more extensive hospital system from 100 miles away has spent forty-five percent. One of the expectations of this new hospital is that it will be locally owned and ran. The physicians are fed up with big business from Colorado and California trying to run multiple hospitals.
Benefits such as tuition reimbursement and sign-on bonuses can attract new employees to an organization. What happens when they are unknown as of this a new facility and cooperation? As a nurse executive on the things that I would continue to reinforce is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Several years ago, I worked part-time in a new hospital organization, and they severe growing pains. They did not have any formal recognition for the length of services and financial and retirement planning programs (Moon, Beck, & Laudicinia, 2014). They did not offer tuition reimbursement for those that wished to advance their degrees. As a transformational leader, one would want to have a general idea of what the staff member’s hopes and dreams are for work.

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