W4-A1: DUE FRIDAY 12/22/2017. 
                                              W4A #1;
Recognizing the Role of Adhering to the Standard of Care
When providing health care, there are standards of care which a reasonably prudent provider should follow. Providers at all levels are held to these standards of care. Failure to provide competent care to your patients will put you at risk for malpractice. Remaining current with the evidenced-based guidelines and providing optimal care will minimize the risk of liability.
For this Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that explains any legal implications that exist for failure to adhere to a standard of care, the key elements of malpractice, and compare the differences in malpractice policy options.
To prepare::
· 1). Consider the importance of using professional resources such as the National Guideline Clearinghouse to guide care delivered
2). Create a PowerPoint presentation no more than 15 slides in length that addresses the following:
v Identify and explain any legal implications that exist for failure to adhere to a standard of care
v Identify and explain the key elements of malpractice
v Compare the differences in malpractice policy options

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