Discussion Board 2.1: The Credentialing Process and You Points: 20 Due: Day 3 and Day 6 Directions: After viewing the media piece on the credentialing process, what questions, concerns, etc. do you anticipate encountering? Note: Refer to the Discussion Board rubric on the Discussion Board page within the Syllabus section of this course. Week Two READINGS AND RESOURCES REQUIRED READING • Chapters 7, 8, and 9 from Advanced practice nursing: Essential for role development REQUIRED WEBSITE State Board of Nursing website • Website will be used to research collaborative practice and credentialing requirements • Website must be from state in which you will be practicing ( STATE OF PRACTISING IS MARYLAND) Text and Materials READINGS AND RESOURCES • Joel, L.A., (2013) Advanced practice nursing: Essential for role development. (3rd Ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis. ISBN-13: 978-0803627857 required text of the course RECOMMENDED WEBSITES (FOR USE AS RESOURCES THROUGHOUT THE COURSE) • American Association of Colleges of Nursing • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners • American Nurses Credentialing Center • Monthly Prescribing Reference • Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Network FREE JOURNALS (ONLINE OR PRINT) WITH REGISTRATION • Clinical Advisor • Advanced Nurse Practitioners • Discussion Board Rubric Discussion Board Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts Initial Posting: Relevance to the topic or problem The posting directly address key issues, questions, or problems related to the text and the discussion activity. The posting applies course concepts well, connecting them to actual activity. 4 pts The posting addresses key issues, questions, or problems related to the text and the discussion activity, but in some cases only indirectly or obliquely. It does not always apply course concepts fully 2 pts The posting does not directly address the question or problem posed by the discussion activity. 0 pts 4 pts Initial Posting: Insight and application of course concepts The posting offers original or thoughtful insight, analysis, or observation that demonstrates a strong grasp of concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic. 4 pts The posting does offer some insight, analysis, or observation to the topic, but may not demonstrate a full understanding or knowledge of concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic. 2 pts The posting does not offer any significant insight, analysis, or observation related to the topic. No knowledge or understanding is demonstrated regarding concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic. 0 pts 4 pts Initial Posting: Use of Evidence and Support The posting supports all claims and opinions with either rational argument or evidence. Evidence is documented with appropriate citations 4 pts The posting generally supports claims and opinions with evidence or argument, but may leave some gaps where unsupported opinions still appear. 2 pts The posting does not support its claims with either evidence or argument. The posting contains largely unsupported opinion. 0 pts 4 pts Responses: Number of Responses The responses fulfill the requirement s for the discussion activity. 4 pts The responses partially fulfill the minimum required number f or the discussion and/or the responses are posted on the same day. 2 pts The responses do not meet the number required for the discussion activity and are not posted on two different days of the week. 0 pts 4 pts Responses: Substance of Responses The responses offer either an extension or elaboration on the original posting or a clearly alternate point of view that fosters further thinking, reflection, or response on the discussion topic. 4 pts The responses generally offer some insight by either extending the point of the original post or offering an alternate point of view, but they may not encourage further thought or reflection on the discussion topic as much as they possibly could.



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