Nursing Care Models Essay

Nursing Care Models


One of a nurse’s many roles includes ensuring the provision of caring practice. Activities engaged in have to be supportive, compassionate and therapeutic for all stakeholders most importantly the patient. The Synergy Model for Patient care address eight other equally vital competencies requiring engagement, vigilance and responsiveness of care givers relative to patient needs as well as those of the family (Finkelman, 2016). This paper discusses the Synergy Model for Patient Care; a review of related literature; implementation and recommendation of and alternative nursing model with greater quality outcomes.

Part One

When patients are being transported from one health facility to another, it is mainly because there is the need for more specialized care. This is in accordance with the publication titled Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice by Janie B. Butts and Karen L. Rich (2013). The authors provide that nursing practitioners have widely embraced the synergy Model for Patient Care more so in critical care environments. Patients involved in the research by Butts and Rich (2013) provided that the most recognizable trait in line with the model is nurses’ caring practices. This is indeed true in the transportation protocols recommended by healthcare experts at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The institution supports standard patient transport procedures in the movement of patients to the hospital where a qualified nurse is in charge of the entire process. Such a nursing practitioner is one bearing competencies as detailed in the model towards optimized patient care outcomes.

Cypress (2013) provides that the Synergy Model for Patient Care seeks to align a nursing practitioner’s competencies with unique client’s needs, characteristics, and clinical unit aspects. It also underscores the need to comprehensively incorporate the patient’s family into the decision making process. Bearing in mind that patients along with their families are essentially affected by quality of care given and by extension, the circumstances experienced in healthcare institution visits, the Synergy Model remains best suited. It accommodates for such a triad thereby allowing for qualified healthcare delivery. Cypress (2013) provides that the patient and immediate family are more concerned with witnessing critical thinking skills, sensitivity, communication and caring abilities in nurses offering care. This is perceived as a critical aspect towards guaranteeing a client’s physiological deficit as well as ensuring quality collaborations with the family which ascribes very well to the model. In the case of the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the regulations outlining the need for the Synergy Model’s recommendations proved the need f

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