Obesity in the US Essay

Obesity in the US


Mills (6) described sociological imagination as the understanding that conditions prevailing in a person’s life may be perceived as personal but in essence are as a result of social consequences which shed light on broader and more diverse public issues. This essay seeks to present a critical analysis of obesity in the US society as a social phenomenon and through sociological imagination discuss social factors leading to the prevalence of the health condition. The essay will address three sociological questions; do changes in dietary habits contribute to obesity? Has the media contributed to changing dietary habits?  And lastly, who is to blame for the rising cases of obesity, is it the individual or the society?

According to the American Heart Association, individuals whose body mass index (BMI) is in excess of 30 suffers from obesity. This is a term employed to offer a description of a health condition resulting in body weight which is significantly in excess of the recommended healthy body weight. Having an excess body weight of over 20% of the recommended healthy body weight suggests that such an individual is obese or overweight (AHA).

The American Heart Association provides that about 35% of the overall American adult population is obese which translates to increased health risks from a myriad of health complications. The health complications which include cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and many more occur at a higher rate in obese individuals. Obesity refers to having excessive body fat and this increases the chan

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