opinion and fact about supplements

Answer the following TWO questions in 300 words or less. You may choose to divide the questions into two responses or fold the two questions into one essay response. Cite both our text and the Frontline piece OR the NYT piece about supplements in your discussion. INCLUDE A REFERENCE LIST in APA format.

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1. 1. What is your understanding of opinion and fact.

-How are opinion and fact about supplements explored in the Frontline or NYT piece? -Choose ONE of Ruggerio’s 6 Key Principles for Thinking and explore how the scientists look at the issues.

2. Our skill sets as health professionals.What is an issue that may come up in your current (or goal) health care profession area that could involve an issue of opinion/fact? -How do your clients/patients/customers rely on your judgment?

One of the key principles for thinking

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