Oral health in Psychiatric patients (Schizophrenia) for your Capstone project,

  1. Review Chapters 18 and 30 in the textbook, Leading and Managing in Nursing.
  2. Read Chapters 1 to 5 in the textbook, Fundamentals of Project Management.
  3. Review your Strategic Plan assignment from your topic Oral health in Psychiatric patients (Schizophrenia) for your Capstone project,
  4. Your project must be patient-focused and include a goal to improve patient outcomes. Your assessment of the problem and feasibility of a solution must include direct input from patients or recipients of care (survey results, comments, interviews, patient data, etc).  Review Chapter 22 in the textbook, Leading and Managing in Nursing regarding patient-centered care.
  5. Response to the following:
    1. Utilizing your topic Oral health in Psychiatric patients (Schizophrenia) strategic plan that meets the criteria listed above, include the following headings to answer the following:
      1. Definition of the Problem: Present a detailed description of the elements of the problem.
      1. Development of Solution Options: Identify the desired future state/conditions that would ideally solve the problem.  Include the actions that would be required to achieve the desired change. 
      1. Feasibility of Planned Change: Evaluate the feasibility of your planned change by addressing physical resources, time resources, financial resources, and stakeholder involvement.  Refer to Figure 1.4 on p. 15 in the textbook, Fundamentals of Project Management (Heagney, 2016) and address the questions listed under “Plan the Project.”         
      1. Problem Statement: In two to three concise sentences, list the problem statement you have developed from this analytical exercise.  

The Hospital name to use on this assignment is OBN

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