Organisational Behaviour Case Study

Organisational behaviour investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behaviour within organisations for the purpose of applying, such knowledge towards improving organisations effectiveness. (Robbins et. All, 2004, p. 9) Individuals shape organisations. Individual’s values, attitudes, perceptions and motivations shape what each individual brings into an organisation, therefore shaping an organisation. Chua Sock Koong is a Singaporean, University graduate, who is tech-savvy and personable. Sock-Koong is a prime example of how values help shape an organisation. Singapore is a fast moving modernizing city.
Chua is a product of that. Chua has leadership, communication roles and has adapted to her role. Chinese bus drivers for Singaporean Mass Transit are there purely for the money and how much money they can send back to China for their families. When the Chinese drivers communicate with other workers, in the same industry, they get an insight into what conditions and wage the others are experiencing. With this perception they see others much better off than them, this is when they rebel. They know that in China they protest and strike so with the feeling of being poor treated, they rebel in Singapore, which is not custom in Singapore.
The migrant bus drivers do not have the same values, customs and believes that Chua Sock Koong has. Comparing Chua and the migrant bus drivers in regard to the joy and sorrows of work are complete opposites. When in a leadership role, like Chua, it is easy to find joy and satisfaction within work. Money is a big factor in finding joy within work and how and why people engage in work. Chinese migrant workers work purely for the money and for money to send back to their families, where as Chua is a university graduate with values, beliefs and personality. University graduates usually go to university to get a better job and earn better money.

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Being a CEO is a highly paid career. People’s values, beliefs and personality are a major factor in how people engage in work. Values shape who people are and how they act. How people engage in work are shaped by what personal values they have installed in their personality. How people behave why they do at work is directly linked to money, personality, values, and beliefs. Electronic communications such as texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a major part of today’s society. The best of friends communicate through these channels of communication.
With these means of communication the way people communicate at work has changed dramatically. Before these means of communication were in place people would actually have to talk face-to-face or over telephone. Now days emails, text messages, twitter messages and Facebook posts are the norm now in regards to how people communicate at work. These differences in values, beliefs and personality are what make Organisational behaviour so interesting. What shapes the way people interact, communicate, why they come to work, how they are when they are at work are directly shaped by values, beliefs and personality.

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