Organization and Change

Case Study Serial:

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You have just been appointed as the chief administrative officer of healthcare organization. This organization has a past history of very successful performance, but in the past two years its performance has begun to slip as evaluated by both internal and external stakeholders. The staff is highly diverse, and brings many ideas to the table, but no clear direction for future efforts has emerged. There has been much consternation on the part of the staff and several coalitions have begun to emerge and publicly present their views as to the direction the organization should be moving.


You have been directed to bring together the stakeholders and seek to develop strategies to recover the past performance and reputation of this healthcare organization.


Question 1 – 8 page long

Review the literature to discover ways that similar organizations have dealt with these issues in an effective manner. Review the literature on organizational change to determine those methods that have been used to implement change in similar organizations. Report your results in the form of two comprehensive literature reviews that presents the major strategies of these fields.

Question 2 – 9 page long

Based on the literature review above, develop a strategic plan to address the problem. Also develop a plan to implement this plan in the organizational. Include the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders and support your conclusions with research.

Question 3 – 8 page long

Develop a program to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans you created in Question 2. For each plan, identify your theory of effectiveness, identify the data that will be needed to demonstrate that theory, create an instrument to collect that data, and design a measure to demonstrate the reliability and validity of those instruments. Support your conclusions with references to the appropriate literature.






1. Find 25 different research paper articles focuses on the healthcare organization

2. Organization Development and Change (10th edition – by Thomas G.Cummings and Chirstopher G. Worley)

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