P. S. I Love You Analysis

The movie I chose was P. S. I Love You. To begin with, I chose this movie because I have not seen it yet, but I have heard from my friends that it was a movie that I cannot miss out on. Reading the captions of the movies, it seemed very interesting and as soon as I was done with the movie, I gladly found it interesting. P. S. I love you had a unique plot compared to other love movies, after reading the synopsis I could automatically relate this movie with Chapter one on “Myth of the right one”. P. S.
I Love You introduce its self with the daily lives of Holly Kennedy (the main character) and her husband Gerry Kennedy, a happily married couple going through their up and down stages of their marriage. Until Gerry dies of a brain Tumor, it takes Holly about a year to get over, but the movie narrates her life throughout the year. Holly and Gerry were married for 10 years and she got married at the age of 19, so we can say she married an age where she believed that Gerry was the right one and there would be no other like him.
After the death of Gerry, Gerry understood that it would be hard for Holly to get over him so on his last few days before his death he writes several letters instructing her what to do as a last request. Holly received her first letter shortly after Gerry’s funeral on her 30th birthday. Gerry along with Holly’s friends are determined to to make Holly move on from the widow stage and be herself. Throughout the letters (which he had arranged for after his death) Gerry ends them by saying P. S. I Love you.

The letter are supposed to encouraged Holly to move on by going out more and spending more time with her friends (Denise and Sharon), but her friends are afraid that the letters are keeping Holly tied up. In one of the final letters, Gerry arranged Holly, Denise, and Sharon, to his home town in Ireland. Once in Ireland, the girls are having fun at a local pub Gerry had recommended them to. At the pub, Holly meets a singer who strongly reminds her of her dead husband Gerry and ends up liking him, but by coincidence he happened to be one of Gerry’s best friends.
Throughout the Ireland trip Holly finds out that Denise was having a baby and Sharon is getting married, so it caused Holly to emotionally relapse into herself and get depressed once again. Weeks later in New York Holly believing she was done with her letters until she received her final one from her mom when she was crying to her about how hard it was to go on without the love of her life. But in the last letter Gerry says his final good bye and tells Holly to move on and be herself and to think about what she was before she met Gerry (an Art Major).
Eventually Holly finds out she has the talent to design women shoes. As Holly starts her own line of shoes we see that she gained a new confidence and it allows her to finally accept herself for what she has and for her friends to finally experience happiness. So the movie ends by Holly taking her mother to Ireland and as the film ends it shows the audience with a scene where she finally abandoned the fear of falling in love again and has opened up her life to the journey that awaits her. The Character I’m choosing in the movie to explain the problem that the character is facing is Holly.
At the beginning of the Movie before Gerry died, Holly believed that he was “the one”, but then after his death, she goes on a journey that Gerry had left planned for her. Throughout the Journey Holly meets other men and fights her fear of falling in love again, believing that only Gerry was “the one”. At the end of the movie Holly learns how to accept Gerry’s death and meets a new man. If I were to choose a chapter from the book “A Daring Promise”, it would have to be the first chapter. As I was explaining throughout the whole essay, Holly is in the category of “Myth of the Right One”.
She believes that there’s only one Gerry out there even after his death, until finally after a year of going through Gerry’s planned letters and other events, she finds a new man, that changed her image of “the right one”. So is there really only one right one for us? The book tells us that there isn’t such thing as one love, it’s just a myth. Based on the text, I can state that “One Love” is really a myth. There is more than just “One Love”. To obtain “One Love” both partners must always be communicating and come to agreements.
In my opinion many people at first believe in only “One Love” at first because they have not had many relationships. We must come to our senses that nobody is perfect and we have to accept both the good and bad of a person. If you and your partner are willing to make sacrifices, then together you guys can make changes and have the same love for each other and being more united. If there is something I have learned from this assignment, it would be about marriage. I have never experienced a dead wife but I would assume that anyone who loves their partner would go have to go through what Holly did.
Throughout the movie I also learned that getting married and losing a husband or getting divorced can affect everything around your life. When Holly was with Gerry they would always argue about when to have kids and when to move out of the apartment, but when Holly was single she lost her main balance of her life and things were pretty hectic in the beginning, until she finally had the support of her family and friends. Marriage is a great responsibility. I have also learned in class that you cannot change a person unless that person is willing to change.

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