Path to Professionalism

Watch the following video: Seattle Transit Guards Stand and Watch Beating (

Answer both parts of the Discussion Question.

1) The chapter on The Path to Professionalism covers several topics and ends with a discussion of ethical considerations. Watch the video below as if you were watching it from the train platform as it was occurring. Describe your “perception” of the security officers. In your opinion, are there any ethical considerations regarding the “inaction” of the security officers? What would you suggest the new language in the contract be changed to other than “observe and report” (if you would change it)?

2) Using at least two researched references, not from material in the assigned class textbook, write an article entitled “Path to Professionalism”. The article should clearly articulate the path that needs to be taken to move the security industry to one regarded as a Profession. If you believe that it already is a profession, state that as well. You must support your positions fully. Respond to at least two of your classmate’s postings.

The student must ensure the syllabus requirements for assignments are met. Reminder: 500 words minimum for initial post and 200 words for student responses.

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