Patient Care Delivery Dilemma Essay

Patient Care Delivery Dilemma


When healthcare services providers differ with clients based on understanding what is wrong or right, an ethical dilemma emerges. Care providers face such situations regularly and as professionals, they are responsible for a critical examination and analysis of any emerging ethical problem (Pirschel, 2016). Basing decisions on ethical standpoints ensures that a patient’s best interests are protected as well as those of the healthcare provider. This paper purposes to present a clinical case witnessed and experienced in the course of professional dispensation towards identifying a unique ethical dilemma and by extension, discusses appropriate principles to adhere to in such an occurrence.

The Case

The hospital received a patient aged 88 years from a nursing home suffering from Pneumonia complication. The patient also with brain damage was on a ventilator and feeding was via a PRG tube. He was also nonverbal and nonresponsive to simple commands. The patient was put on high-dose antibiotics which resulted in a seizure. Medical records indicated no prior occurrence of seizures which compelled nursing staff to contact his family at once. They made the decision for a full code and staff responded with performing CPR to retrieve a pulse. The doctor made the attempt to discuss with his family on goals of care to make them fully aware that CPR at that point would be more damaging as opposed to offering respite. The Korean Family did not speak English but the institutions offered a translator. The Family determined it was obligated towards ensuring the very sick man’s life was saved. The family expressly indicated that all had to be done to ensure he lived. The same night, the patient seized two times which the medics resuscitating him through CPR each time but the final attempt lead to his ribs breaking and death.


In analyzing this particular ethical dilemma in a clinical setting, it

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