Mr. Y is receiving penicillin for the first time. He was diagnosed with gonorrhea. He is to receive the parenteral form of the drug penicillin G. You are the nurse responsible for his care.

Mr. Y states that he has never received penicillin before. Is he at risk of developing a reaction with this first dose?

Mr. Y asks why he needs an injection. He would like the PO form because he does not want to have an injection. How should you respond?Titles of books, web pages, and journals should be italicized in the reference list for all references. There should be in text citation within the body of all postings for each reference listed in the reference list. Credentials, such as PhD, should not be listed within the reference list. When 3 or more author or listed for a work, in text citation should include the first authors’ last name, followed by et al.

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