People Should Continue to Use Animal Testing

The situation and environment of animal testing is extremely well in modern. It is a positive and efficient way to help people researching and trying in different kinds of professional fields, such as drugs, scientific technologies, food additives, GM food, human behaviors, clone and organ transplantation. In fact, there are no people and even impossible find another way instead of animal testing, because people’s researches have to use lives to test. Therefore, people’s process without animal testing that will inhibit the world’s improvement and will be unpractical.
Human is the critical life of the world, and people should continue to use animal testing for human development. There are quantities of successful cases about people’s inventions depend on animal testing in the past. For instance, people invented radar system through bats’ testing, created cloning technology through sheep’s testing and made plane through dragonflies’ testing. Actually, the people’s process history is the same as using animal testing history which the early animal testing is mostly relevant to foods and drugs. People would try to test the foods and drugs whether is toxic or not.
It supposed that the people leave out the animal testing instead of people testing. Further more, in modern society, it still needs to clinical trials according to present technologies, so that the animal testing is highly promising and should continue to use. People are more likely to use white mice to test, there are four fundamental reasons. Firstly, white mice breed cycle quickly, low cost and are pure line. Secondly, the sensitivity of the various stimuli of white mice are strong and easily marker. Thirdly, since white mouse genes are close to human genes.

Fourthly, the quality of rats is small, so the drug or phenomenon in its body can be quicker display. The four reasons can efficient justify that animal testing is the most quickly, effectively, easily and safely way. Whatever animal testing had produced the great contributions of human progress, there are still various oppositions which consider that animal testing is unethical, cruel, and dangerous. It is fallacy that the people who are object animal testing, because they are not aware to the huge improvement and succeed to the world through animal testing.
Meanwhile, it sounds that ridiculous that the people whose lives are related to animal testing and shared the achievements through animal testing, but they are opposed the animal testing. There is no doubt that people should continue to use animal testing. With the animal testing, people can make a better life. People should appreciate the animals which take a risk instead of human. Therefore, people should continue to animal testing to advance the world progress and return to the contribution of countless animals’ lives.

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