personal perception questions 1

Assignment Content

  1. For this assignment you will describe and compare your
    personal perception of policy making and analysis in the criminal justice, identifying any assumptions on which your perceptions are based, to those given in your class textbook (use outside sources). You will also give two examples of criminal justice policy.

  2. Question 1

    20 Points
    How would
    you describe policy-making?

  3. Question 2

    20 Points
    How would
    you describe policy analysis?

  4. Question 3

    20 Points
    How are criminal justice policy making and policy analysis described in your textbook?

  5. Question 4

    20 Points
    How do your personal perceptions of criminal justice policy making and policy analysis compare to the definitions in the readings?

  6. Question 5

    20 Points
    What are 2 examples of criminal justice policies?

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