Personal Statement Samples

Personal Statement Samples

Personal Statement: Why Should ICO NIDA Choose You? Personal Statement Sample

Many people have dreams and ambitions for their future. Most of these depend on academic achievements. However, a good number do not achieve their plans because of less opportunity or bad luck. For me, though, I feel very lucky and also to a large extent, thankful that my hard work has contributed to my success. I had taken good steps to arrive at my personal fulfillment goals. Coming from a humble background, I understand so well what all these entail.

My interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in Management originates from several years past. I admired how authorities provided good leadership to citizens. It was interesting how a group of five people or less would govern large populations. Their way of work was in a democratic style, including all the people and principles of good leadership. I later learnt that it was the art of good management. When reading pieces of materials that concerned them I was surprised to find out how different organizations managed their businesse…

Personal Goal Statement: Doctoral Degree in Nursing

Personal Goal Statement

A nursing career is challenging, but the rewards that comes along with it are immeasurable (Kutney-Lee, Sloane, & Aiken, 2013). I have always preferred being a nurse because my parents instilled in me values of compassion and always stressed the importance of helping others in need. Nursing has been my dream since childhood. The devotion and humanity displayed by nurses by going out of their way, not just to treat patients, but also genuinely making patients happy and comfortable in difficult situations are truly inspiring (Fitzpatrick, 2010).

This is what has motivated me to enroll in a Doctor of Nursing program because I want to serve patients and make a difference within my community as my parents did. My parents have always dedicated themselves in many ways in serving the community; my father is a pediatrician and my mother is a special education advisor. My parents’ dedication motivates me to specialize in nursing informatics, contributing to medical research hoping to make a greater impact on people’s lives.

The University is one of the best colleges that offer direct personal experiences to students. Students are nurtured to become thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and good leaders. I chose to apply for my doctoral program in nursing at this university because nursing is about dedication, reassuring, and being intuitive.

Berwick, Feeley & Loehrer (2015) confirm that nurses need to acquire excellent communication skills when taking care of distressed patients. Furthermore, a nurse needs to be dependable, trusting, be able to develop relationships, be motivated, compassionate, interactive, and hardworking to be competent within the profession (Grove, S. K., Burns, N., & Gray, J. R. (2014). I believe that by enrolling at this university, I will advance my knowledge and become a …

Walden University’s: Vision and Mission and Personal Goals

Mission and Personal Goals

Walden University’s vision and mission played a significant role in my joining this university. Walden University mission and vision seek to mold learners to gain critical thought that is essential in tackling societal challenges (Walden University, 2016). I am joining Walden in old age to further my education, and I hope to come out as an individual who can compete with any age group in the job market. In this way, the mission and vision of the Walden University guided my decision to pursue an education that aligns with my professional and academic goals. While choosing a university, I hoped to find one that offered the flexibility of online education in addition to meeting my academic and professional goals. Walden University offers a diverse group of students and the flexibility of online programs that fits perfectly into my schedule.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and my personal goal is to write a book aimed at offering guidance to teenagers. The idea is to publish a book focusing on showing young people the importance of staying away from harmful behaviors such as drug abuse. This personal goal overlaps with academic interests of studying a justice program because it is a leeway to understand what triggers criminal behavior (Eccles & Wigfield, 2002). My professional go…

Personal Statement Samples

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