1. Watch the Movie “Inside Out” by Disney/Pixar! (you can rent the movie on YouTube or Amazon Prime for $3.99)

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2. Answer the Following questions in, detail, not going below the word minimums:

-What view of reality do you think is being presented in the Film (i.e. Dualism, Physicalism, Non-Reductive Physicalism)? Why do you think the movie is portraying this view of reality? Provide evidence. (Minimum 250 words)

-What view of Causation is being presented in the Film, Event or Agent Causation? Does Riley (the little girl in the film) have Freewill? Why or why not? Provide Evidence. (Minimum 250 words).

-What is Riley’s identity in the Film (Brain View, Body View, Soul View, Nihilism)? Is there a “Self” apart from Riley’s emotions or is she identical to her emotions? Provide Evidence. (Minimum 250 words)

-What view of the mind do you, assuming you exist, personally think is true (i.e. Dualism, Physicalism, Non-Reductive Physicalism)? Why do you hold to this view? Provide Evidence. (Minimum 250 Words).

3. Make sure paper is in 12-point Font, Double-Spaced, with citations from the movie (i.e. timestamps of specific scenes you’re citing like @ Joy says”_____” (54:00-56:00). So far I have given you directions on how to get a passing grade on the paper. Admittedly, good papers will go over and beyond the word minimums (i.e. answers will be closer to 350-400 words).

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