physics related essay

I need 2 separate papers. Font 12, double-spaced. Paper 1 (one-page) is already done and I will attach it below so you can have a look at what write Paper 2 and 3 goes along with it. So in short, I need Paper 2 and 3, and Paper 2 and 3 should be done within 3 days from now on.

Topic: What, if anything, should be our primary focus in addressing climate change

Paper 1 (one-page): For your final paper, you will need to analyze many aspects of your topic, including global implications. For the current assignment, you need to find an article focused on some global aspect of your topic, and write a one-page analysis of the article and how it relates to your topic (give the reference to the article in your write-up). Do not be overly generalized, but rather look for an article that addresses some specific issues of your topic related to impacts or concerns related to specific countries or regions of the world beyond the United States. In particular, try to identify issues/views that are shared between other countries and the US on the topic as well as issues/views that are quite different between other countries and the US. Discuss why you think there are the similarities and differences (back your thoughts up with specific information). Speak to how much you think the global aspects of the issue impact decisions that are made, and how much you feel most Americans understand and/or care about these issues.

Paper 2 (one-page): For your final paper, you will be required to include a quantitative analysis of your topic. For the current assignment, you are to find an article that looks at one or more quantitative aspects related to your topic and write a one page analysis of it (give the reference to the paper in your write-up; note you should not use the same article as you used for paper 1, though for your final paper you can of course use both). The article should include at least some data given in the form of a chart and/or table, not just some data included in the text. Give a careful analysis of the data—what specific argument is the data being used to make, what conclusions can be drawn from it, and can you identify limitations and/or strengths of the data given. State what impacts the data has on the argument you wish to make in your paper. Does the data given help lead to a clear conclusion, or is there anything unclear in the data (state specific examples)?

Paper 3 (Final paper) : Write a 7-10 page final paper (don’t try to just stretch to 7 pages by using big margins, big fonts, big line spacing, etc.—if they don’t look full, they aren’t—stick to 1″ margins, no bigger than 12 point font— use Times New Roman, double-spacing, and no extra space between sections). You can use figures, tables, charts, etc. as appropriate, but don’t overdo it and keep the sizes of these reasonable—I primarily want text discussing your issue. You need a MINIMUM of six GOOD references—good references can be textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, or articles from reputable newspapers (if in doubt if a source will count towards your six, you can always ask). You are encouraged to use more than six, and can use sources that would not qualify as “good” as long as they are in addition to the six mentioned above. Make sure you reference all material you take from the sources properly (I do not care if you use APA, AIP, or any other accepted style for your citations, but be consistent). If you are not sure of how to cite material or have any questions, ask. Please note that except for certain very powerful quotations by a famous expert, you should avoid using direct quotes and instead paraphrase the material, but realize that you still cite paraphrased material just as you would a direct quotation. Note that your citation list does not count towards the 7-10 page count. Second, what you should include: You are to do a critical analysis of the topic you presented in assignment 1 (and followed up on in assignments 2 and 3). Please use the feedback I give you on those assignments to try to improve your final term paper product. You should be addressing a topic that is in some way related to one of the sections from this course, and try to answer an open-ended question that you have posed. Your paper should include at a minimum the following sections—( 1) a global analysis, in which you explore details of how global issues affect your topic, how it varies between countries, cultures, etc., and how the global nature of the topic influences your analysis; this can be an expansion from your assignment 2, but should draw on more references and be more developed; (2) a quantitative analysis, in which you look at quantitative data related to your topic to try to back up your arguments; you should analyze data, charts, and tables presented in your articles, as well as give at least one chart and/or table in the paper which you create (not to be directly copied from a source); this can be an expansion from your paper 2, but should draw on more references and be more developed; (3) a discussion of more than one possible answer to your question, in which you look at arguments for and against the point you are trying to make based on facts from your sources; this section should include elements of the discussion from the global and quantitative analyses sections—the paper should flow and be tied together rather than a collection of disconnected pieces; and (4) a conclusion in which you make a final argument as to why you feel your answer to the question is correct based on points you’ve made from your source material. Remember, this paper is to be making a persuasive argument based on factual material gained from sources. Try to make it interesting, educational, and convincing. Make the paper logical and clear.

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