please read below and write a 1 page review

Find a business article from one of the following business publications:
The Wall Street Journal; The Economist; Blumberg Businessweek; Forbes Magazine; Fortune Magazine; The New York Times; Washington Post; The Financial Times; Harvard Business Review; MIT Technical Review; Entrepreneur; Inc.; Fast Company; or other credible business publications. Do not use just internet postings, but full articles.

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The article should be on one of the following Strategic Management topics:

  1. Competitive Advantage
  2. External Environment and its impact on an industry
  3. Globalization and strategy
  4. Organization Culture and strategy
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. Complementors and their effect on an industry
  7. Mergers and Acquisitions
  8. Business Ethics

Post on Blackboard as your Initial Poston Week 12 Discussion Board the following:

  1. Topic Selected (from the list above)
  2. Title of Article and reference source with the date of publication
  3. A Summary of key points of the article
  4. Conclusions from the article as it relates to the topic selected
  5. What you learned about Strategic Mgmt. from the article (principles or concepts)

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