Poetry Analysis Paper

Poetry Analysis Paper

Begin by reading “Emily Dickinson: An Album,” pp. 1021-1029

Then, in an essay of 3 pages, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font that adheres to MLA format, respond to the following question:

What, based on your reading, is the main idea of the poem?

You will need to state what you consider to be the poem’s main idea as your thesis. And you will then need to substantiate this through supporting claims that you develop and defend with evidence in your body paragraphs. Thus, to appropriately answer this question, you will need to employ the analytical approaches that you have been reading about and that we have been practicing in class. You need to analyze and discuss the poem in detail to back up your argument. In addition to this, you need to engage the views of at least two different scholars. You are required to cite two academic journal articles or book chapters in this paper.

<link is hidden> All quotations must be introduced and then commented upon, linking them to your argument. If quotations are not introduced and commented upon, they are NOT evidence.

this is the link of all the pages of emily dickson poem:

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