Policy Challenge – Affordable Care Act


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Policy Challenge 1 – Due before live session – Module 2

To prepare for this task you will need to read Proposals to Replace the Affordable Care Act and Trump Is Trying Hard to Thwart Obamacare. How’s That Going? (see links below) for additional background on the current status of the American healthcare system. You should also want to watch the videos provided below and learn more about the current candidates’ healthcare proposals. The entire two-part written response should be 1-2 two double spaced pages. (No more than that.)

Part I
Based on the materials you reviewed, prepare an argument to support one of these two options: (1) Keep and adjust as needed the Affordable Care Act (also indicate if you would roll back or keep the current administration’s changes), or (2) Pass one of the proposed alternative health care policies advocated by the Republic Senate majority (see KFF) or one of the Democratic presidential candidates. Be prepared to make your argument in the live session.
Part II
Using the theoretical ethical frameworks discussed in the lectures: (1) Identify two core questions that will frame your ethical decision-making within the argument you prepared, and (2) justify your course of action based on these questions. Submit your written response to the corresponding page within the Assessments unit in 2FOR.


Compare Proposals to Replace The Affordable Care Act

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