Poor Governance Strategy

As the newly appointed leader for the security team, your task is to research the existing governance strategy at XYZ Company.  Before you arrived, the companys overall security strategy had been in disarray.  The policies were poorly written, a lack of proper risk assessments has led to bad technology choices, and the audit team never follows up to vet the solutions implemented.

      Based on the content provided in the videos, pick 2-3 governance steps that you would focus on to improve the risk posture of your organization within the shortest amount of time.

      The governance steps start on Slide 8 (Executive Sponsorship) and end on Slide 22 (Change and Configuration Management).

      Back up your assertions with evidence as to why your choices would work best.

Here are the two web addresses to access the two videos:

***Part 1-https://uhdmediasite.uhd.edu/Mediasite/Play/cbacef04111e42c0a31f4f21a0570c7b1d

***Part 2-https://uhdmediasite.uhd.edu/Mediasite/Play/5c6667886cc440d4bfa7621a5937016c1d

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