Position Paper

The purpose of the Position Papers is to provide a well-reasoned support for a Homeland Security threat issue, and explain the rationale for both sides of that position This means that you should defend the weakest argument first, because it is worth only 150 points, and reserve your best conclusion and evidence for the paper that is worth the most points (PPII is worth 250). The security of the Homeland cannot be undertaken unless and until the threat(s) have been identified and assessed. This may be ANYTHING that threatens the government structure, the people, our national resources, our economy, our values, our culture, or the American way of life BUT it MUST be something that is under the authority of, or directly impacts the operations of, the Department of  Homeland Security. (EXAMPLE: Opioid addiction might fit some of the criteria EXCEPT that issue is not the responsibility of the DHS.)
The information provided must be based on a strong foundation of facts. As such, you must provide evidence from credible academic and scholarly sources. By now, you should have firmly in your mind the difference between a conclusion and mere opinion.  A conclusion is the result of a process of reason, and the application of relevant evidence.  Evidence consists of court cases, historical example, scripture (correctly applied) and scholarly articles.  Remember, peer-reviewed articles are best. You will select a topic, define, refine, and limit your issue.  Based upon the feedback from Position Paper I, you will be better prepared to fully engage the issue in Position Paper II.  After you have defended both sides of an issue, you will have a much keener appreciation for the complexities of the challenges of Homeland Security.

What is an acceptable issue for purposes of this assignment? It is something fundamental in the institution and/or application of Homeland Security AND impacts the operations of the DHS. It focuses your attention on something that is a threat to all that identifies us as America. The issue you choose will be something that addresses or assesses a threat to the security of the Homeland.  It is a philosophical, or legal, or tactical, or spiritual principle that supports one more or policy elements or otherwise influences Homeland Security Operations.  Examples:
1)    Do presidential executive orders in response to terrorism, function as law-making and is that a constitutionally permissible function of the executive branch of government?  (the threat is to our constitutional balance of power)
2)    Is it an effective use of available resources to have U.S. elements (political, military, social, etc.) actively involved in overseas missions as a response to, or prevention of, the threat of terrorism? (The threat is to our economic stability)
3)    Is it a permissible use of federal authority to be involved in local building codes or zoning enforcement if the purpose is mitigation of damage from natural catastrophe (i.e. dams and levies, or building setabcks, or structural materials, etc.) (The threat is to our system of checks and balances, and the proper jurisdictional control.)
4)    Is Islam enough of a religion to qualify for protection under the constitution, or is it more of a political system that creates a different application of threat analysis. (The threat is to the constitution, but more directly, to the safety of all citizens.)
5)    Is our Immigration policy sufficiently constructed so as to afford reasonable limitations on access by foreign individuals. (Illegal aliens, and/or weak immigration  policies are both a direct threat, and an indirect threat to America.)
At a minimum, the following sections are required for the paper: (a) problem statement, (b) literature review, and (c) conclusion.The paper should follow strict APA guidelines, must consist of 7001,050 words, and at least 4 sources are required. All sources must be properly cited.
After choosing your topic, define, refine, and limit your issue. REMEMBER: an issue as we are using that term in this assignment, is something of a moral, legal, philosophical, or religious basis that can be debated at least two ways. NOT an issue for purposes of these position papers is (1) failures of response in past disasters, (2) budget shortfalls, or (3) chemical weapons should be banned, etc. You are first supporting the weakest position (which is NOT the one you may personally favor) but you will still do your best to bring the best evidence in support of that side.  At a minimum, the following sections are required:
Problem Statement a brief paragraph identifying the issue(s), with a specific problem statement. (Develop a clear and concise problem statement three to five sentences.)
Review of Literature this heading should have at least two subheadings (background of Problem and Supporting Evidence). Since this is a review of the literature, adequate citations should be included within each subheading. You do not need to include opposing positions in this assignment. We will address this in the final assignment.
Conclusion This is NOT mere opinion.  Provide a conclusions that is supportable from from the facts given, and then make recommendations and possible courses of action. Citations may be used here to support your recommendations.

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