Preparing a formal Presentation

For week’s 3 and 4, you will be using a presentation software package to create a short training or informational presentation.  The purpose of this project is to both develop and then highlight your skills with using presentation software.  The presentation you prepare should be applicable to your existing business, church, or social organization. The instructions for the PowerPoint presentation are as follows:

Begin by choosing a project for which you have some familiarity and for which there may be a need at your current place of employment, church, or social organization.  Make certain you have permission from your company or organization to create and publish this presentation with APUS.  Choose a subject for your presentation that is of interest to you and for which you have some knowledge.  Here are five possible ideas for projects, however, if you have a need within your organization, feel free to follow that track. 
1.A company overview presentation.  The purpose of this presentation could be to introduce your company to a vendor, distributor, investor, or potential employee.  Seek to complete this project under the guidance of someone who potentially could use your presentation.
2.A presentation that proposes (a) a change in policy or procedure, equipment acquisitions, (b) the acquisition of a piece of equipment, or (c) an addition of manning to accomplish some objective.
3.An instructional presentation regarding a new methodology being initiated in your division, group, or area of responsibility
4.A presentation that informs some group about a change in benefits, company policy, or human resource procedures.
5.An overview presentation regarding a fundraiser you are proposing for an organization with which you are involved. 

Step 1: Develop an outline for your PowerPoint presentation.  If you would like your instructor to review your outline, send it by email and I will be glad to look it over and offer ideas for content and organization.  An example of a presentation outline is as follows–be sure that your outline has 3 main points with examples under each main point.
Company Overview: Primary products and/or services, markets served, company history, statistics on the company (these can be fictional if company policy does not allow the actual numbers of employees, sales, etc. to be published), locations.  Include photos of the location, products, customers, maps of regions or locations of manufacturing, distribution, service, etc.
Insert Photos of <services or products> into the slides look for company photos that you can get permission to use, or find art on the internet (see hyperlinks below
An organizational chart of the management team by the major and minor departments in the location and a brief description of the departments
A statement of major company policies (HEPA, Equal Employment, attendance, sick days, etc.)
Explanation of benefits, pay periods, etc.
Any additional information you believe important to a new employee

Consult at least 5 external sources to create the content for your presentation. Be sure to include a references slide.

Step 2: Choose a Theme, Font, and select the page designs for section-break slides, content slides, closing slides, etc.

Step 3: Insert content developed in Step 1 (the outline).  Allow room in each slide for photos, graphs, tables, charts, etc.

Step 4: Insert photos, charts, tables, graphs, clipart, etc.

Step 5: Create notes at the bottom of each slide to use as guidelines for the presentation narrative you will add in step 7

Step 6: Add audio to the presentation.  Use your notes at the bottom of each slide as a guideline for your narration. Consider using free software such as htttp://www.screencastomatic.com to record your presentation.

Step 7: Submit assignment 6 to the cloud AND submit your video link if applicable.

The slide presentation must include all of the following elements:
A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 content slides (excluding section header or introduction slides)
A slide background theme that benefits the presentation
Slide numbers
Strategically used photos, clip art, and/or graphics
At least one table, one chart or graph, creative use of SmartArt, and one or more bullet lists
An audio track where you narrate through each slide
Transitions inserted for the final presentation
A References slide with at least 5 sources cited

This is the sixth project that you will submit as an assignment and then, during weeks 7 and 8, will insert into your e-portfolio. Save this project using the following naming convention: JSmith_Weeks3&4_Project 6.

Opensource photos can be obtained at:
Pixabay photos
Free Stock Photos at Pixels

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