Once during the quarter, you will be asked to post a written presentation to the discussion forum for that week (in the thread labeled with your name). Your presentation should be on the literary text for that week (e.g., Letters from Rifka) and any other texts or topics from that week that you may wish to discuss. In your presentation, you will present a discussion question that you have composed for the class to ponder and then provide your own answer to that question. Your answer alone should be approximately 400 words, but please submit your presentation and answer together in a single post for ease of reading. Examples of helpful discussion questions might be, “How do the events in Letters from Rifka break with common ideals of American childhood, and what does that show us about American childhood?,” “What does Esperanza Rising teach readers about the history of migrant farm labor in the U.S. and its effect on children’s lives?,” or “Why is it important to read the Malo-Juvera reading in tandem with Speak in order to more fully understand American adolescence?” You are welcome to use one of these questions (just be sure to put it in your own words) or to compose your own question in a similar style. Try to choose a question that is thematically relevant to what we are focusing on in class, either during that particular week (e.g., ideals of childhood in Week 2) or overall, keeping in mind that your presentation must shed some light on American childhood more broadly through your interpretation of the text (that is, you should make sure you are making an argument that you are supporting by using references to our course materials rather than just your general/personal opinions). You will find it helpful to review the relevant course lecture(s) before writing your presentation. Finally, before you post, make sure that your presentation is well-organized and that your writing is polished and professional! All of these elements will factor into your presentation grade. Your presentation must be submitted by 9AM on the due date, although you may also post your presentation earlier. Presentations need to be submitted on time to give your classmates enough time to respond to you. With that in mind, late penalties for presentations are substantial and are deducted as follows, although you can partly make up for them using the extra credit opportunities mentioned elsewhere in the syllabus: • Presentations submitted by 12PM/noon on that day will receive a 1/3-grade deduction (e.g., an A will become an A-) • Presentations submitted by 6PM will receive a 2/3-grade deduction (e.g., an A will become a B+) • Presentations submitted by 11:59PM will receive a full letter grade deduction (e.g., an A will become a B) • Presentations submitted by 6PM the next day will receive half credit • Presentations submitted after 6PM the next day will receive 25% credit 5 NO EXCEPTIONS, as your classmates will be counting on you to submit your work on time so they can also respond to you in a timely manner! You should also avoid editing your presentation after the deadline if you want to receive credit for having presented on time. To find out when you will be presenting, see the schedule of assignments at the end of this syllabus. Presentation due dates are assigned by last name (using the information on the official class roster provided by the university). **Do not try to use Blackboard to determine your place in the presentation schedule, or you may get confused. Use the syllabus, and mark your presentation date on your calendar NOW so that you don’t lose out on a substantial part of your course grade!**

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