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· You only need to address ONE of the five briefs offered

· Use the headings from the assessment criteria attached above to structure your work.

· The idea is only one part of the assessment criteria BUT if you think you struggle with creative ideas, please ensure you attend the lectures and seminars on PR campaign ideas where there is time to discuss these with each other and your tutor. Creating a virtual mood board via ‘Padlet’ has been an effective method for doing this.

· You do not need academic research about PR/campaign planning etc included in this work, for example, the effectiveness of different campaigns BUT you will need to include secondary research that will support your idea. As normal, if you use any sources in your work, these must be referenced.

· You will need a clear media strategy included with your work (probably in the Appendix). The media strategy must outline where and how you will gain media coverage about your story.

· The budget is £5,000 for any of the campaigns but you do not need to spend it all.

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