Prioritization, Supervision, and Delegation

For the scholarly articles, please use the data base to obtain resources from

Part 1

begin by reviewing the national and state regulations related to delegation. Then discuss:
(1) What was your understanding related to delegating tasks prior to reviewing the regulations?
(2) How comfortable do you feel delegating to an unlicensed assistive person?
(3) What do you believe are potential errors that can occur with delegation? For part II review the case studies provided related to suits brought against registered nurses in the work place. Within your group you can divide up the cases so that not everyone is commenting on the same case.

– Virginia board of nursing regulation on delegation. start reading on page 20. it’s in PDF section
– find 2 scholarly articles.
Part 2
(1) Were you surprised at the details of the cases and the monetary amounts associated with them?
(2) Have you ever experienced a similar situation in clinical, capstone, or at work?
(3) How will you protect yourself in your future practice from making errors?


– use 1 scholarly article.
Virginia Board of Nursing Regulations on Delegation.pdf

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