Prison Realignment in California


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Paper should contain appropriate foot/endnotes.  The paper should be analytical and thorough.  Any opinions may be written at the end.  Paper topics and the schedule for deliverables are listed below.  The paper should be 15-20 pages in length, excluding title page, references and bibliography.  Please use Times New Roman font, numbered pages, and 1 inch margins.  You will receive feedback on every step of the research paper work, designed to help you succeed!  With respect to subject matter, papers should include, but not be limited to the following: History of the topic Current issues The roles of affected governments and leaders Relationship to the course Future expectations  Your personal feeling (if you have one) “An example of how states are laboratories of democracy. Prison realignment is a bandage solution to a systematic problem of mass incarceration but it has positively influenced measures like prop 47 to be prompted, which have helped reduce drug charges and also inmate population.” 1) How does a Supreme Court order make California a laboratory of democracy?  The state was ordered to act. 2) Please explain the relationship between Prop 47 and realignment to the extent you believe it exists. 3) Be sure to discuss the history. 4) What were the reasons for the Court acting as it did? 5) What are the costs ad benefits to the state and local governments?

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