Professional Presence

The foundational beliefs concerning illness, healing and health directly influence a person’s health care behaviors and in the long run, help to shape particular models of health care. All models of healing and health have one major goal of addressing the human condition, and they all treat the same health issues such as pain and infection. There are two models or approaches to healing that are common today. One is based on the study of the effects of symptoms and diseases and how to treat and diagnose them with medicine or a natural approach which is referred to as the reactive model. Then there is the second method of healing and health which is growing rapidly which is known as the proactive model. It’s a non- symptomatic approach towards wellness, healing, and fitness. In the proactive model, one actively engages in activities that enhance their function, natural healing and fitness instead of focusing on symptoms. These activities include; exercising, detoxification, eating healthy and nutritious food and abstaining from the intake of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and drugs(Blackmer, 2009).

On a personal level, both approaches should not be used as alternatives but should be used as complimentary methods meaning both should be applied synonymously. It is important to take a proactive approach towards healing which leads to many diseases and illnesses that are caused by lifestyle decisions to be averted. When it comes to diseases that are inherited then, the reactive approach is necessary to curb the disease before it can cause further damage or arrest it at its earliest onset. Thus maintaining a proper diet and exercising are important behaviors that relate to the proactive approach but also observing the symptoms of a disease and knowing how to diagnose and treat with medicine, or natural methods are equally relevant and efficient.

My beliefs influence my practice in that when a patient is in my care both approaches are set into motion. I also find it essential to learn the views of the patient to know how effective the method I am to use will be. Some patients prefer complementary therapies while others prefer conventional treatments. Understanding where the patient comes from and using a multicultural approach endures the healing process is useful. Thus, it is of great importance to be mindful and keen to details to collect the information needed from the patient. Given that I am in a troubled state, it will be hard to note these important factors which would lead to the application of an approach that might not be as effective.

Personality preferences

Based on the Keirsey Temperament Personality test I am a rational problem solver especially when the task incorporates complex systems in the world(“Keirsey :: Error page”, 2016). What fires my curiosity is analyzed in depth to gain a deeper understanding of the given concept in order to I can make the given concept to function better. I try to find ways of applying the solutions that I have garnered in the real world. There is an insatiable purpose that I hold which gives me the push to ensure it is accomplished. Whatever I have set my mind to do I achieve I pursue with great zeal until it is completed in an excellent way.

Additionally being a born leader I desire to be in charge in all situations and it becomes frustrating when setting under a leader who is not visionary. Thus, I prefer to work on my own so that I can have the liberty to act in line with my set objectives. This approach can be a barrier when operating in a team that does not share the same perspectives or operate in a mediocre manner. Secondly, it is a given that I will challenge weak ideas and approaches that will not be effective thus I am likely to conflict with the leader who feels their decisions should not be questioned or challenged which can be a barrier when it comes to accomplishing the group objectives in unison.

Mindfulness Practice

The first goal that would be geared towards developing a mindfulness practice is maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and sleeping regularly. Maintaining a proper physical routine ensures that I am in the best shape to offer the best service by being agile and fully rested. It is possible to be fully alert when the body is in good condition which increases the level of mindfulness meaning the patient will be offered quality services leading to optimal health.

Secondly taking regular personal therapy to ensure my mental and emotional health is well would be another measure. Emotional imbalances are distractive and could lead to errors that can be detrimental to the patient’s health. Also engaging in relaxing activities such as going to the spa after a long and stressful state can be rejuvenating and ensure that I am refreshed before reporting to work the next day. Carrying forward unresolved issues can cause fatigue and depression which could cost the patients in the long run. Therefore maintaining a proper mental state is crucial in delivering top notch services to clients(Primm, 2010).

Thirdly the spiritual aspect would be kept in shape by drawing from my faith. Taking time to do devotions and listening to encouraging as well as inspiring messages can help to foster growth and inward motivation to better the lives of others. It is observed that people who are spiritual tend to be less stressed since they believe in the existence of a higher power. Also connecting with a religious community can provide additional spiritual and emotional support which can boost the level of strength and zeal I operate with on a daily basis. Alienated and isolated individuals tend to be less motivated and more depressed than people who have a sense of belonging. After all, no man is an island.

Healing Environments

The environment one is in determines their behavior and can influence their level off wellness. Fostering an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance enables clients to feel accepted and to feel like they belong. How people are also handled determines the course that their healing process will take. Individuals who are treated in a hostile manner tend to take more time to heal than those who are exposed to a warm and peaceful environment(Primm, 2010). The physical environment is also of great significance; it is the first place that the patient is exposed to soon as they enter a health care facility and determines the perception they hold based on how the premises is maintained. For areas that are unkempt and disorderly, patients tend to develop distrust as they believe that if the surroundings cannot be taken care of, then it would prove difficult to look after their health needs. Thus creating a certain ambience in the environment creates a level of trust as the client walks into the medical center.

The interaction between the doctors, nurses and other health professionals also determines the attitude the client will hold towards the given medical facility. Given that the medical professionals seem to disagree on the healing methods to be used in the presence of the patient or criticize each other openly the patient would tend to develop feelings of distrust as well since the health care professionals have displayed a level of distrust in each other. It is always advisable to consult and resolve conflicts privately because when the patients are exposed to these disagreements and conflicts they tend to lose faith in the treatment process and the health care professionals as well. Thus, medical professionals are expected to be careful how they conduct themselves in the presence of patients(“OHE Framework |”, 2016).

Given the factors discussed above a personal approach to enduring that the environment is conducive for the patients would be to keep the environment as clean as possible and ensuring all disagreements are handled privately. The interaction between the client and I would be carefully conducted to ensure the patient feels comfortable and accepted. Also, the approach and perspectives of the doctors and other health care professionals would be highly reinforced and given that there is any differing opinion it would be discussed privately. Lastly ensuring that my colleagues observe the same would also be on my docket by acting as a mediator in conflicting situations and reminding them of the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for the sake of the client.

The John Hopkins Hospital

The John Hopkins Hospital is an example of an optimal healing environment. It provides its patients and the families with a deep sense of control in stressful situations which allows the patients to be able to recover and rest comfortably. The medical staff is well trained on interpersonal skills and how to handle patients in a way that will enforce their healing process. The facilities are also set on a way that has aesthetic elements and artistic features that creates an atmosphere that refreshes the patients and their families. There is also a calling system for nurses that are quiet eliminating the noise that is emanated from the overhead paging system. The patients are also able to engage in wholesome exercises and are also given healthy food that ultimately contributes to their personal wholeness.

Grinnell Regional Medical Center

Grinnell Regional Medical Center is another example of a medical facility that has an optimal healing environment. This is evidenced through the in-patient services that are offered which include healing touch, massage and energy therapies which are offered prior to childbirth and sometimes after childbirth and also before a patient undergoes surgery. There are dogs which are trained to visit patients enabling them to meet their therapy goals, distract them from depression or pain and improve the state of their mental health. The essential oils such as the fragrant parts of certain aromatic plants that are known to improve the health of patients are also included in the hospital. Patients are offered room service which doesn’t restrict their options for patients who are prescribed to a general diet. Immediate family members are allowed to use the hospital’s fitness center to relieve them of their stress and there are also various gardens in the hospitals that are set up to produce a calming effect(“OHE Framework |”, 2016). In a nutshell the two hospitalsoffer an opportunity for personal wholeness, ecological sustainability, integrative care and healing relationships between patients and staff.


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