project plan in project management

For successful completion of the subject Project Management, a project plan of 8-10 pages
must be prepared. The assignment shall be completed as an individual work. Students must
choose a project. In the assignment the project goals and main features shall be introduced,
such as the main parameters, cost and time limitations of the given project.
Min 30 activities.
Structure of the project plan:
Introduction: a brief presentation of the idea, enterprise, surrounding and project
parameters (result, time, cost); define the scope.
Break the project down into sub-units or steps, please describe them if necessary; WBS
for project
Decide the proper sequence for completing the sub-units; Draw PD for your project
Decide how much time and human resource is required to complete each sub-unit;
Develop the WBS dictionary;
Draw the Gantt-chart and human resource chart; HR histogram; Gantt chart;
Design the cost of each sub-unit and aggregate costs into the project budget;
Summary: describe the weak points, the critical chains of the project.
The methods and techniques which shall be used in the preparation of the project plan will be
given in details at the lectures and seminars, and are available in the compulsory and
recommended literature. The suggested methods must be used in the students own project
Individual assignments shall be submitted to the site of the course

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