{500-600 Words} First introduce the problem you’re addressing.  In other words, prove the problem exists. Make it real for readers unfamiliar with your subject. You may even want to pretend that your reader is in a position to correct the problem but is unaware of its existence.
State clearly the consequences of the problem. Who or what is affected by the problem? What will happen if it’s not addressed?
Then examine the problem. What are its causes? Why is the problem occurring?
Make recommendations for solving the problem by examining and addressing the problem’s causes. Consider both short and long-term solutions.
What are the effects of your proposed solution or solutions? Who will benefit?
Are there any drawbacks? Address opposing views. In other words, anticipate objections to your solutions.
You may even want to consider a range of recommendations, some more feasible than others.
Consider, too, how to implement these changes.
Pick A Topic

How can we control the information we get from the Internet?
Should we ban children from watching TV?
How can parents teach their children to use the Internet at the best value?

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