Prospects and Perils

The main question is: “what do I most want to know about prospects and perils?”
The future is coming.
An example: Topic is Pandemic -> what is it about pandemics that I want to talk about? -> how will it affect the future of education?

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Constructed of 3 parts

Introduction: 3 groups of paragraphs
– what is the subject of inquiry, what is it about
Eg there are many changes in society, skills are changing, we have to rethink everything.
– Relevance and rationale, out of all the things you could have talked about explain why you picked ( out of everything else
Method – you will research and how will you present the research. What you will do to find information on your topic and how you will do it

Present the evidence that speaks about the topic. Relevant information and data and arguments that speak to your question.

– conclude it all
Analysis – of all the data and arguments in your body about what they all say about your question
After researching this topic, I conclude that. conclusion

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