Provides substantive responses to course participants that add value to the discussion

Provides substantive responses to course participants that add value to the discussion by presenting alternative points of view, asking thought-provoking questions, engaging in respectful critique, and/or adding additional support to course participants’ viewpoints;- Responses to other course participants provide appropriate detail within suggested guidelines for post length (125-150 words each)”

Creswell and Poth (2018) identify interpretive frameworks, beliefs, assumptions and undergirding modern qualitative inquiry that has allowed me to reflect on my capstone research, to expose several frameworks that can align with my planned work with English as a Second Language learner. The framework that resonated the most is the Postmodern Perspective. The Postmodern Perspective focuses their critiques on changing ways of thinking rather than on calling for action based on these changes (Thomas, 1993, p.23). The challenges from the current thinking of the ESL learner in society stem from a structure of underlying levels of power that make assumptions and decisions that can have a profound impact on a more extensive system within society to include assimilation into a host society, employment, and post-secondary education. When current ideologies are assessed to cover a broader context, then change to existing formulas can support and improve best practices. The Canadian policymakers need to think and deconstruct the current operating systems that allow people entry into Canada based on English skills, and reassess how the ESL user is evaluated. The process is an essential part of the framework which can open doors to include the Transformative Framework of an action agenda to guide the current way of thinking to that of an improved inclusive version.

My passion for relevant issues in the 21st Century and how those issues have evolved from a historical perspective will keep my focus on becoming a transformational leader, which lends itself to the philosophical worldview- transformative framework (Creswell, & Poth 2018). The transformative framework, according to Mertens (2003), stated that knowledge is neutral, which reflects the power and social relationships within society (as cited in Creswell et al., 2018). Therefore the purpose of the transformative framework is to improve the community. Individuals in this group include gays, bisexuals, minorities, and societies that need psychological and resilient support (Creswell et al., 2018).

      I am interested in educational law, urban studies, and "minority retention" in post-secondary schools. I want to become a member of the Urban League, Women's Council, HBCU reform, and community action groups such as local and state legislative education committees, to name a few. I believe because of the social consciousness perspective, another theory that may be associated with social action is the Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory. Critical Theory is concerned with empowering human beings and the constraints placed on them by race, class, and gender (Creswell et al., 2018). I believe this theory is aligned with my research in the area of interpreting and highlighting social activities such as in the field of minority retention and persistence in higher education. 

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